“Reconnective healing was performed until it disappeared completely”

Last October, my mother exhibited a protuberance in the coccyx area.  Following an echogram and x-rays it was diagnosed as an encapsulated abscess. After 8 days on antibiotics there was still no improvement, and so reconnective healing was performed until it disappeared completely.

— Carmen Omaña

Thank you for your help and for giving me access to this healing”

In late June 2016, as we came back from a trip, our toddler, only 15 months old then, got a 39C fever and at 3 a.m. began suffering form convulsions for 10 minutes. At dawn I called and you performed distance healing, after this I assisted you in the depolarization process.  He had two more high fevers but as you had told me, he would not have any subsequent convulsions.  In early 2017, he had an electroencephalogram where no trace of damage was found.

— Emilio

"Thank you for your teachings and for helping me to discover the handling of this energy" - Nora Ballesteros

“I have felt in my body the exact points”

It is important to note how important is has been for me to have been used as a proxy for the treatment of others and that I have felt in my body the exact points where the magnets should be applied or where the sickness resided in the body. Thank you for your help and for giving me access to this healing. God bless you! 

— Nora Ballesteros

“My life has changed thanks to bioenergy, biomagnetism and reconnective healing”

My life has changed thanks to bioenergy, biomagnetism and reconnective healing. It started in 2015 I had my first consult with Dr. Isbelia Reyes to address a problem with my right knee, which I had as a consequence to a surgery in 2012 following the rupture of the meniscus. Three years after this surgery I still could not kneel nor bend my leg normally. Dr. Reyes started consulting with my subconscious, bringing me to take consciousness of programs that I had inherited at the transgenerational level from the side of my maternal grandmother and from my father.  The next day I was able to kneel and bend my leg to almost a 90%, with the mere fact of letting go and taking consciousness.

— Bridget Moreno


“Turned out that almost the entirety of the problem originated from emotional and transgenerational burdens.”

There are many experiences and benefits that I have received since I started to take consciousness and to heal with the help of Professor Dr. Isbelia Reyes, however, I will only share these three…

I started seeing Dr. Isbelia Reyes for the health problems of my daughter, Natalia, who at not even two years of age would fall sick frequently with respiratory problems and had been diagnosed with renal tubular acidosis, was not putting on weight and was underweight. She received antibiotic therapies more than four times.  We worked with medical biomagnetism and bioenergy, alongside reconnective healing, bacteria, parasites and viruses that were compromising her immune and respiratory system were depolarized. I was surprised to see how the mere fact of taking consciousness would eliminate symptoms and her healing was amazing. She is about to turn three and is now healthy, strong and in the last year she only takes vitamins, no medications and if someone at home is not feeling well she says, “lets do reconnective healing”…!

There are so benefits that I could mention but it would be too long; in the first sessions of biomagnetism I was seeing Dr. Reyes in relation to one of my children. However, one of my legs is much shorter than the other, which made the reading of my subconscious’ kinesiology response difficult.  Over five years ago, the orthopaedist surgeon informed me that I had a “flat tire” and that it was aggravating my spinal chord problems and much of my backaches were constant. One day, Dr. Reyes told me it was too difficult to work this way and we were going to see what was happening with my legs. Turned out that almost the entirety of the problem originated from emotional and transgenerational burdens. Upon advice, I spoke with my parents and let go of these burdens; my legs are just about equal now, my spinal chord is much better and the aches have disappeared.

My oldest son, Sebastian sucked his fingers (ring and middle fingers) since his birth, we tried many things for him to stop this, and at nine years of age the roof of his mouth and his teeth were beginning to deform; the last recourse would be to implant a painful habit interrupter suggested by our paediatric dentist. However, in a session with with Prof. Reyes, I told her I wanted to inquire with the energy body of Sebastian to find a way of stopping this habit and the cause for it. What we found surprised us.  My husband, Sebastian’s father, lost three fingers in a domestic accident when he was three years old and from a subconscious standpoint my son was protecting the fingers of his father by putting them in his mouth. This was tied with the emotions that we depolarized and after taking consciousness of this my son has now stopped sucking his fingers approximately 85% of the time.

- Rosa Vera de Rodriguez