SUSANA REYES EQhoDesign was created with the purpose of joining the sustainable fashion movement that has increasingly spread throughout the world in the last decade but still fights to counter the effects of overconsumption and fast-fashion.  

After obtaining a degree in international development and law studies, Venezuelan-Canadian Susana Reyes went on to pursue further graduate studies in international public and commercial law.  AC environment protection and sustainable/fair trade business practices, this venture is a way of sharing with the world that design can be beautiful through and through by bringing attention to the production chain of the items that fill our wardrobes and decorate our homes.  

Women are the most impacted by the, immense environmental, economic and social impacts of the 3 trillion dollar global apparel industry.  Being the pillars and foundations of the sustainable development in any society, it is primordial to empower them with tools that will promote their independence and security. 

In addition, we have showcased several of our favourite handpicked designers who in our opinion are contributing to changing the design world for a more beautiful and equitable space. 


Dr. Isbelia Reyes, Ph.D., obtained her doctorate in microbiology from Laval University, Canada. After spending 25 years in academia and research, she decided to follow a new way to approach life. As a biologist, she perceives the world as a domain of energy flows, where the existence of any kind of life is self-regulated by innate resilience properties. In the search of body and psychological cures for helping relatives and close friends, she studied medical biomagnetism, bioenergy and developed her own method for intention, reconnective and distance healing.

All of these ways of helping people, and the use of holistic kinesiology, allow her interact with the unconscious mind or energetic body, discovering transgenerational programs and depolarizing the real cause of the sickness or problem, allow a new and higher state of consciousness to the client.

In addition, Dr. Reyes has trained clients to develop their own healing capacities by way of their personal experiences and workshops.